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What is Snoring?

Snoring, the loud "whooshing" sound that most of us hear when we are asleep, occurs when the airway (the space between the throat and lungs) is constricted. The narrowest part of the airway is the esophagus. It is located at the top of the throat. This is where food, liquids, and other foods enter the stomach.

Snoring can occur at any age, in any location, and it affects almost everyone at some point of their life. This is probably not an illness you want to live with. It can also be caused by smoking, or by being overweight, and it may result from an underlying health condition, such as asthma or other lung diseases, or from over-exertion. Some people are born with an over-sensitive airway (hemotoma), and are therefore more sensitive to noise and snoring than others. The type of snoring you have depends on your genes and the genes your parents have. In most people, you snore less when you get older. If you're overweight, it's more difficult to reduce your snoring, and if you are not sensitive to loud noises, the effects of your snoring may go unnoticed. Most people can get through a snoring episode without a doctor's help, and they should not have any serious side effects, including headaches, chest pains, sleeplessness, heartburn, and constipation.

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